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It’s Up 2 Me builds a whole of life approach in the delivery of support, that enables choice and control over the achievement of significant milestones in a person’s life. It promotes the achievement of their goals for their lifestyle, improved everyday living and realising potential, through continued access to information and knowledge.

It’s Up 2 Me gives real life information for everyday problems so that users can make lasting changes to the way they approach life skills issues. It is flexible, easy to understand and always available, printable for anyone without a computer or mobile App and talks directly to people that need this information in a helpful, practical way.

This material supports change, it empowers people and builds hope and it says you are not alone.

‘It’s like people say, It’s Up 2 Me no one else is going to do it are they’?

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We provide access to a series of modules designed to support change, empower people and build hope in the development of every day living skills.


Contact Us To Enquire Or For Support Today

Call Us On 08 8245 7100