Accessing Psychology/Wellbeing Services

Searching for and maintaining employment can be stressful. It is important to make sure that you look after your mental health. If you feel you need support, here are a few services that could help.

Programs to access through your GP

Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) enables GPs to refer clients to ATAPS mental health professionals who deliver focussed psychological strategies services. ATAPS mental health professionals include psychologists, social workers, mental health nurses, occupational therapists and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers with specific mental health qualifications. Through ATAPS, patients are eligible for a maximum of 12 sessions per calendar year. Sessions can be individual and/or group therapy sessions. ATAPS provides patients with assistance for short-term intervention. If further sessions are required it may mean that the patient needs a longer term programme to meet his/her needs. Speak to your GP for access to the ATAPS program.

The Better Access initiative provides better access to mental health practitioners through Medicare. The purpose of the Better Access initiative is to improve treatment and management of mental illness within the community. The Better Access initiative is increasing community access to mental health professionals and team-based mental health care, with general practitioners encouraged to work more closely and collaboratively with psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, registered psychologists and appropriately trained social workers and occupational therapists. Speak to your GP for access to this program.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander specific service

Nunkuwarrin Yunti offer free and confidential counselling as well as psychological services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, adolescents, adults and families. They will provide a range of services including

  • One on one therapy (talking therapy)
  • Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Court reports
  • Medico legal reports for Workcover and Centrelink
  • Help to understand diagnosis and how to best manage a diagnosis
  • Connection to Mental Health Recovery Case Workers

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse specific services

The Migrant Resource Centre can assist in delivering of referring clients to a range of health and wellbeing programs including counselling, group support and advocacy, as well as linkages with GP networks, SA Health and other specialist services.Contact them to find out more.

The Survivors of Torture and Trauma Assistance and Rehabilitation Service (STTARS) is a non-government, not for profit organisation with no political or religious affiliations. STTARS assists people from a refugee and migrant background who have experienced torture or been traumatised as a result of persecution, violence, war or unlawful imprisonment prior to arrival in Australia. Contact STTARS to find out more.

Making an Action Plan

An action plan can assist you to understand early warning signs of potential relapses or feelings of not being well. It can allow you to put some coping mechanisms in place as quickly as possible. The earlier you pay attention to what’s wrong, the better your chances of getting back on track, and staying well. You are often the expert when it comes to identifying the support or changes you need and how to manage your triggers for poor mental health. The plan will work better when it is written by you: expressing your own personal choice, reflecting your voice and your personal experience, needs and wants.

To help you put together a good action plan that you will be able to work with. Download the Action Plan and Action Plan Considerations below.


  • Action Plan and Action Plan Considerations

    Use this tool to develop an Action Plan.


  • Australian Psychological Society (APS) – Find a Psychologist – Find a Psychologist through the APS.
  • Mental Health Triage Service – The SA Health Mental Health Triage Service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This Service is a main point of access into mental health services, can provide advice and information on mental health emergency or crisis situation, and is staffed by mental health clinicians. If you feel that you may be in need of mental health support and have never accessed a mental health service before, please contact your GP or phone our mental health triage services on 13 14 65.
  • Psychology SA and CEDAS – Psychology SA is a psychology practice based in Bowden (adjacent to North Adelaide) which provides psychological assessment for children along with treatment and support for children and adults. Psychology SA is committed to using the latest assessment tools and providing evidence based therapeutic approaches to help people achieve positive change, reduce emotional distress and big rich and fulfilling lives.