How to Wash the Dishes

What you need:

  • Scrubbing brush / sponge / cloth
  • Sink/ large bowl
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Draining rack and/or drying towel


  1. Clear the sink of all dry dishes
  2. Stack everything that needs to be washed on one side of the sink
  3. Put the plug in
  4. Start to run the water, cold first then hot water.
  5. Add dishwashing liquid/detergent
  6. Shake your hand in the water to get the dish soap to foam. Be careful not to burn yourself
  7. Fill the sink half way
  8. Using a scrubber/cloth, carefully clean each item
  9. It is best to wash the least greasy items first, e.g. glasses so that you water stays cleaner for longer
  10. Rinse your clean items in fresh water and place on the sink / or a tea towel to be dried by hand later or to drip dry
  11. Soak tough food stuffs stuck onto your plates / pots
  12. Don’t place sharp knives straight into your sink. You could cut yourself when you put your hands in the water. Instead simply hold your knife and wash
  13. Put your dishes away as soon as they are dry