Income support from the Department of Human Services

The Department of Human Services offers income support if you are looking for work, completing approved studies or have a disability and are looking for work.

Actively Seeking Employment

Youth (Under 24)

Youth Allowance provides financial help for young people who are:

  • studying full time
  • undertaking a full time Australian apprenticeship
  • training
  • looking for work or
  • temporarily incapacitated for work or study


NewStart provides financial assistance if you are searching for employment. It supports you while you participate in activities that may increase your chances of finding a job, such as studying or training. The amount of Newstart Allowance you are paid depends on your situation.

Studying and Training

Youth Allowance is for full time students and Australian Apprentices aged 24 and under.

Austudy is for full time students and Australian Apprentices aged 25 or older.

ABSTUDY is for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders who are studying or undertaking an Australian Apprenticeship.

In addition to these payments, you may be able to get other payments if you are studying or training.

The Pensioner Education Supplement helps with the ongoing costs of full time or part time study in a secondary or tertiary course.

You may also be able to get Education Entry Payment which is available to people receiving some income support payments, to help with the cost of study.